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“Circus Maximus”

The following 3 programs were produced to support the Theatrical/Digital and DVD/Blu-Ray release of the feature film comedy, CIRCUS MAXIMUS – Starring Mario Cantone, Kevin Corrigan, Sal “the Stockbroker” Governale & Julian McCullough.The 1st clip is the Theatrical Trailer for the film.  CIRCUS MAXIMUS tells the story of a writer who creates 3 outrageous short stories that come to life within a feature film.The 2nd program is the Behind-The-Scenes Featurette. Enjoy amusing anecdotes and highlights from cast & crew about the making-of.

The 3rd Program is the Opening Credit Sequence – custom created and developed with 3D animation.

Technical Specs:
· Format: 35mm Film
· Developed & Processed in Hi Definition
· Custom 3D animation
· Shot on location

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