We are a team of creative professionals who are passionate about developing,
transforming and synchronizing all aspects of online marketing & broadcast advertising.
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How are your customers finding you online?

If that’s a question that you routinely ask yourself,
then allow us to introduce ourselves!

Welcome to Speak Media… We’re a full service advertising and internet marketing agency that believes all success begins with active listening. Whether you’re a local business, established brand or an exciting start-up, every project has a unique set of challenges and unmet needs. We always begin the conversation there – to learn more about you and discover what you’re seeking to accomplish. So essentially, the first thing we create with you – is an honest dialogue.
And that’s our platform to launch a strategic plan for success!


Digital Adaptability = ROI

Achieving Nirvana in terms of online marketing = your ability to be adaptable to change.

Monitoring analytics, optimizing digital integration, selecting google adwords and leveraging SEO are all key components of the process that require careful attention to detail and strategic interpretation of data. All are true and vitally important. But that’s only where it begins.

The professionals at Speak Media are intuitive at navigating the ever-changing digital landscape – to help you stay a step ahead in your respective market. Our goal is to consistently deliver a competitive advantage that drives traffic, elevates market share & increases sales.


Synchronization = ROI

The modern landscape of online and digital marketing has evolved to become the primary advertising venue for nearly all businesses, brands and start-ups. This massive shift in advertising dollars toward digital has forced traditional media venues to respond with more aggressive rates. In an effort to combat the massive loss of business and remain competitive, Cable companies have had to drastically reduce the cost of commercial airtime. Depending on the network, geography and the time of day, airtime can now be acquired for as little as $10 – $60 per spot and upward. Television advertising used to be priced beyond the reach of most. Now, it’s a cost-effective reality that most local businesses, brands and start-ups aren’t even fully aware of. Allow Speak Media to produce your next TV ad – and strategically schedule airtime on the best networks and channels that will generate results for you. Furthermore, allow Speak Media to integrate your new broadcast campaign with a streamlined internet marketing initiative that will drive business online.

Synchronization of multiple media platforms = ROI


Multimedia Integration = ROI

Our current internet landscape has created a more educated consumer who is always looking to acquire more information prior to making a financial commitment. The creation of custom-online videos is a novel way to addresses this – as it provides a more informative approach to engaging your prospective customer / client base. The human element personalizes the online experience and enables this population to obtain a stronger connection to your business or brand.

Below are just a few instances where online video can make a major impact:


Branding Videos

Leverage an opportunity to explain the mission and value proposition of your company.


Promotional Videos

Generate buzz about ground-breaking research or your latest product coming to market, etc.


Product or Service Videos

Enable you to more thoroughly inform prospective customers about the features, benefits and details represented by your product or service.


Educational & Training Videos

Allow you to reach a target audience, whether internal or external. Whether the training is for compliance, HR, or a standard procedural training course, this content can be viewed and referenced as often as the need arises. Furthermore, this content will only need to be produced once.


Video Testimonials

Capture the opportunity to demonstrate real-client satisfaction and communicate actual “success stories” that will resonate with a target audience.


Video Tours

Give your a prospective customer another reason to visit your facility by highlighting key components of the environment. Whether you’re a University, Hospital or Upscale Restaurant – a more robust visual will motivate someone to show up and learn more about you.


Video Profiles

Showcase the accomplished background and signature personalities of your executive leadership and key staff. Instill confidence in those who are already part of your organization and personalize your brand to prospective customers.



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